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A Better Yoga Option for Seniors

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Over the 23 years that I've been teaching yoga I have gathered up a long list of what I call my "Yay for Yoga!" stories. Some are my own and some are from countless students over the years enthusiastically sharing their success stories.

Now keep in mind that I've always taught with a very mindful and easy to modify approach. I do this through lots of encouragement, lots of cueing and doing in a variety of ways, and I always try to tune in to the needs and limitations of my students, encouraging them to "listen to and honor your body". This approach, and much knowledge gained, prepared me to successfully support people living with PD, MS, TBI and other neurodegenerative conditions as well as people with limitations that make a traditional approach to yoga uncomfortable and counterproductive to their healing process.

It was obvious that the people coming to my classes were getting positive results and coming back week after week knowing that this was something they enjoyed and was helping them be more functional and comfortable in their daily lives.

As I heard more Yay for Yoga! success stories I began to long for this information to get out there, not only to the people living with limiting conditions, but to the medical communities trying to support them. I knew that would take provable scientific research measuring these effects both subjectively and objectively.

Now I am closely involved in helping to accomplish just that.

In 2021 I began working with professors at Colorado State University's Occupational Therapy department on a pilot study......

Live Yoga Classes for Seniors

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